Puffco Peak Smart Rig


Puffco Peak Smart Rig


Puffco Peak Vaporizer is ideal for having your friends over for a good old session.
Includes: Puffco Peak Device, Carrying Case, Tether, Cleaning Swabs, Loading Tool, Micro USB Cable and SuperCharger, Carb Cap, Ceramic Bowl.

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The Peak Smart Rig has been designed to replace the conventional torch and rig system while still delivering exceptional quality and effortless functionality. To use this electric dab rig, you simply have to cold load your concentrates and press a button. The wait time is approximately twenty seconds to experience pure bliss. Dabs from this concentrate vaporizer are extended with a low temperature while providing a clear and crisp flavour profile.

The Peak Smart Rig ensures paramount levels of potency and flavour without the sacrifice of material. Swift and durable while providing simplicity at its best, the Peak is perfect for those new to dabbing.

The Peak is composed of a large and detachable ceramic bowl, an LED light band, haptic feedback and a two hour charge time with a 30 dab average battery life. The sesh-mode feature allows you to extend your session, making the Peak an essential tool to blow off steam with friends or one on one.

> Water Filtration
> 2 hours rapid charge time that lasts for approximately 30 dabs
> LED light band and haptic feedback
> Carb cap, extra bowl, supercharger and loading tool (all-inclusive)
> 4 unparalleled heat settings with approx. 20-second heat uptime
> Hand-blown glass on a heavy rubberized base

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Original (Clear/Black), Sunset (Black/Warm/Light Up), Medusa (White/Gold), Vision Lightning (Rainbow)


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