Djeep Canada Maple Leaf Series (Box of 20)

Djeep Canada Maple Leaf Series (Box of 20)


Djeep Canada Maple Leaf Series

Mixed Designs

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  • Child resistant mechanism. The system consists of a safety blade on the file and necessitates a harder pushing action.Then one should press on the thumb plate to activate the lighting mechanism. It's a triple action movement. Extra large wind guard. More comfortable to use outdoors.
  • Adjustable flame. The flame height can be adjusted to your needs, thanks to the adjustable flame system, whatever the environment and heat. This ensures a better comfort, optimized security and gas economy.
  • 4000 lights. The wheel is made of the highest quality material and ensures that the lighter works every time.
  • Triple tank. The tank is divided in to 3 compartments. Gas capacity combined with a valve system limiting consumption , it ensures over 4000 lights, more than twice above the market average.


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