14mm Glass Female Quartz Banger

14mm Glass Female Quartz Banger


14 mm Glass


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This 14mm glass female quartz banger is a high-quality accessory that is perfect for dabbing. Made from top-grade quartz glass, this banger is designed to withstand high heat and is highly durable. The female 14mm size fits most standard male joint dab rigs. The banger features a deep dish that allows you to load large quantities of concentrates or oils at once, making it ideal for heavy dabbers. It also has a long, curved neck that allows you to heat the banger evenly and safely, ensuring optimal vaporization every time.

This quartz banger is easy to clean and maintain, enabling you to enjoy a clean and pure dabbing experience. Its high-quality construction and design make it a reliable and efficient tool for dabbing enthusiasts. Regardless of your experience level, this 14mm glass female quartz banger is a must-have accessory for your dab rig.


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