Vancouver is known for it’s booming hipster art scene. With over 10 art galleries in the Downtown core and West End alone, and a 7-storey art mural on Granville Island, it’s nearly impossible not to become immersed in the culture. While tourist hot spots like the Vancouver Art Gallery and other indoor locations may be well worth the look, there’s also an overwhelming amount of outdoor art that one must see to believe. In virtually any alleyway, bridge, or skate park in Vancouver you’ll find incredible murals and graffiti tags from well-known and unknown underground artists. For some, what starts as an action of rebellion grows into something more creative and meaningful.

One of these such creators, is Vancouver based Graffiti artist SOAK.
SOAK has been spray painting tags and murals for over 20 years, and has an extremely recognizable style when it comes to Graffiti art. After starting school for Graphic Design, it quickly became apparent to him that he wasn’t interested in traditional schooling. Mostly self taught, and inspired by psychedelic mushroom trips, El Cartel, and his own crazy brain, SOAK paints simple, big, and bold designs on surfaces such as freight trains, alleyways, glass, and fabric.

At the New Amsterdam Cafe, we’re lucky enough to carry a wide variety of products that have been personally hand painted by this local legend. Bongs, pipes, sunglasses, hats, underwear, and t-shirts are some of the things we have available for purchase throughout the store. SOAK has a knack for blending bold colours and making a twist on iconic characters as well as creating new ones.
Not only do we have a huge range of products painted by the Artist, but our walls and ceiling of the New Amsterdam Cafe and Blunt Bros. Lounge are covered! Look up at the stars while smoking in our upstairs Lounge (See if you can find the names!), or hang out with the Scooby Gang in the bathroom.

The characters depicted throughout the work of SOAK are unique and instantly recognizable. A mushroom you might see on a freight train travelling around Canada might be found on one of our hand painted products inside the New Amsterdam Cafe! You can keep an eye out for SOAK’s products on our Social Media channels and, of course, find them in store and online for purchase.