Mary-Jane T-Shirt

Crafted with care in Vancouver City.
Available in a variety of sizes, from extra-small to extra-extra-large




This beautifully designed t-shirt showcasing the smoking Mary-Jane graphic is made from 100% cotton and is delightfully comfortable and breathable. Ideal for year-round wear, the Mary Jane T-Shirt is sleek, stylish and unbelievably soft. Warm summers and cold winters are no match for this classy and elegant t-shirt. Be the life of the party with this beautiful image of Merry Jane. Hit up a joint while your friends ‘oooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the lavish colours of this t-shirt. They already wish they owned one.

Each and every piece in our New Amsterdam Café Apparel collection has been designed with OG, cannabis-loving artwork in mind. Each piece has been designed specifically to showcase the beautiful region of Vancouver, and the talented humans that reside there. We work with local designers to formulate our clothing line-up. Our goal is to provide community artists with a platform to grow, whilst crafting the most authentic products possible. From the mountainous backdrop of our city to the waves of Pacific Ocean currents, inspiration can truly be found anywhere in Vancouver. Here at the New Amsterdam Cafe, we are all about cannabis and community, and our lineup of clothing represents just that.


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