Available in two colours and two sizes




The Eject-a-bowl is truly easy to use. The cone-shaped rubber means that the Eject-a-Bowl fits on just about all available bongs. Fill the Eject-a-Bowl pipe head as you normally do and light the smoking mix. By pushing the head down slightly you can adjust the amount of smoke. Push the head in a little and you get more smoke to inhale which makes the hit that much stronger. Between the inhalations you can push the head down a little to eject some ash from the bowl, allowing the tobacco or herb which the head is filled with to burn at a constant, optimum rate. When you have burned all the material in the Eject-a-Bowl, push the bowl down to eject the ash and residue. Really easy, and your Eject-a-Bowl is ready to be re-filled in no-time.


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