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“Hoodrattshit” – @Hoodrattshit
My name is otto I was born and raised in riverside California moved to Utah and Picked up glass blowing in 98 while working at a local head shop in Salt Lake City. I love art and creating things from the imagination so working behind the counter at a head shop and smoking alot of green always had my head turning on how this glass was made so I asked the hippie dude bringing in all the glass if he would teach me he said no it wasn’t for everyone. That made me want it even more I hate being told no so I asked the guy every time he came in to make a sale if he would teach me persistence finally worked he said yes he would teach me. He taught me how to pull a point and do a wrap and rake spoon and then ditched me . So I was on my own and determined not to give up I signed up for some classes at the Eugene Glass school in Oregon took a class with Mike plain and my skills grew fast I started teaching a few kids in the salt lake valley and had a crew of glass blowers working with me then operation pipe dreams went down kind of scared a lot of glass blowers that were shipping glass so I tapped out let my apprentices run with it and I started riding freestyle motocross and packed up my torch and tools for another day. After riding motocross for a couple years I broke both my femurs was in a coma for eight hours and pretty fucked up so motocross was out of the question had to figure out something else started a tattoo shop owned that for about six years and sold that to a tattoo artist then bought a food truck owned that for a couple years so that to another food he then started working with juvenile detention with troubled youth. That’s what got me back into glassblowing one of the boys there was struggling to graduate and said all he wanted to do was learn to blow glass I told him I knew How he didn’t believe me I showed him pictures of my old work he was stoked I told him if he graduated
I’d teach him he made a 100% turnaround in the program and graduated so I set my station up and kept my word and now here we are two years later I’m back on the torch sculpting glass and loving it living in Eugene Oregon Blowin glass @theglassranch


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