Silicone Alternator Bong

7″ with 14mm glass bowl | Available in 2 different colours




The Silicone Alternator Bong is a gorgeous rubber-type hand bong perfect for smoking any cannabis strain! This nifty new pipe is manufactured specifically to ensure your cannabis tastes top of the line. The Silicone Alternator Bong is 7″ in height and has been carefully crafted with high-quality silicone, making it a super durable and long-lasting product. The Silicone Alternator Bong is a beauty to look at, so be prepared to receive some admiring glances.

The Silicone Alternator Bong by FLX is an exciting way to enjoy cannabis at absolutely any time of the day! The beautiful and intricate bong has been crafted with design in mind. The silicone material provides a crazy-awesome grip and also makes for a nearly indestructible product! The 14mm bowl for marijuana is crystal clear glass, allowing for the perfect burn every smoke session. The Silicone Alternator Bong will provide perfect puffs nearly every time – we highly recommend trying this product out, you will not be disappointed!


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