Triton T3 Digital Scale

Tough and durable weighing scale capable of holding up to 660 grams of weight.
Includes: 1x T3 Weighing Scales


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The Triton T3 Digital Scale is an upgraded model of previous Triton scales, combined with a rugged outer case to protect your scales from the elements. It also has advanced digital readings to ensure that you get the most accurate readings that you can. The T3 is designed for durability and equipped with a rubber outer case, shock-mounted internal components, a cross-hatch soft rubber shell and a 30-year warranty. The Triton T3 is an incredibly accurate & tough pocket scale, developed specifically for everyday home users. The T3 can weigh up to 660 grams and is ideal for weighing flower, kief, hash or any other substances that need to be weighed. It’s sure to take the weight off your shoulders.


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