Stainless Steel Big Buddy Torch

Lightweight Blue Flame Torch
Includes: 1x Turbo Flame Micro Torch | 2500°F Blue Flame


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The Stainless Steel Big Buddy Torch is a new essential for dual-use torches. This Stainless Steel Torch has been specially designed for personal and professional use. The Big Buddy Torch has an extremely mighty 2500ºF turbo flame. This Stainless Steel Big Buddy Torch is black and white with a sleek, portable and lightweight design. The Stainless Steel Big Buddy Torch is an absolute must-have with up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time. Its grip ensures a more precise flame control allowing for a more accurate point and melt approach to most jobs.

Functions & Uses: 
DIY Projects
Bending Glass
Plastic or Metal Tubing
Wood Graining
Removing Old Paint
Nuts and Bolts
Wire Soldering
Silver Soldering
Soften Window Putty
Thawing Frozen Locks
Sweating and Thawing Light Pipe
Processing of Glass and Ceramic Materials
Creme Brulee and much more.


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