Himalayan Hemp Backpack

A beautiful and stylish backpack made in Nepal from organic materials including Hemp.
Includes: 1x Himalayan Hemp Backpack




Have you ever wanted to feel like you’ve been to the fabled lands of Nepal? Wanted to have something that reminds you of the Himalayan mountains but couldn’t afford to go there? Like really cool backpacks that are light and stylish? If so then we at the New Amsterdam Cafe have the perfect product for you. We’d like to introduce you to the Himalayan Hemp Backpack, a backpack made from Hemp that is completely THC free and the best part about it is that it is actually made in Nepal. I know, who wouldn’t want it? It’s very soft, colourful and has enough space to fit everything in it from laptops and clothes to lunches and flasks. It also makes a great gift for anyone who loves Nepal’s unique style and loves super cute bags. Make sure you get yours today!


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