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When you walk through the streets of Syracuse, you can feel the vibration of passionate energy penetrating throughout the city. Syracuse’s slogan is “Do what makes you happy. Do your thing!” This statement reverberates through the residents of Syracuse who are brave, bold and enlightened; fighting for the rights of women or legalization of cannabis. Syracuse is the ideal city to fuel your passion, your creativity, and unleash your soul with the use of cannabis products from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary. 


The pride you feel to be an American will pulsate throughout your body as you venture to the Everson Museum of Art, the first museum dedicated to American art. Puff on a vape from New Amsterdam Cafe before wandering through over 11,000 pieces of sculptures, paintings, arts, and one of the largest collections of ceramics within the country. View the Scarab Vase – dubbed by many as the Mona Lisa of ceramics crafted by Adelaide Alsop Robineau that will create a vivid and intricate sense of introspection towards the fragility of life as the Delta 8 THC takes effect within you.


Feel a rush of nostalgia as you smoke a joint of Sativa from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online selection of cannabis flowers before entering the Landmark Theatre, noted on the National Register of Historical Places. The theatre was constructed in 1926, and was lauded as “the last word in theatrical ornateness and luxuriousness.” You’ll experience a feeling of inner tranquility as you ponder on the theatre’s space that once featured a fishpond with a Japanese paged fountain, marble flooring and a chandelier designed by Tiffany & Co.


Have a Delta 8 THC gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles to kick-start your appetite before heading to Skaneateles where you can feast on culinary creations that are made with fresh and sustainable ingredients. Indulge in multi-ethnic dining with options from Italian Lamb Ragu and Ravioli, Brazillian barbecued meats, or even savoury wings! For those with a sweet-tooth, countless donut-shops and tea lounges line the streets within the area of Skaneateles. 


Syracuse is a city where the celebration never ends. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online cannabis products can be an enhancement to your delectable adventure in Syracuse. New Amsterdam Cafe has a vast array of weed products that include vapes, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, ointments, cannabis flowers and more!