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San Luis Obispo is aptly named the “Happiest Place in America” with 315 days of sunshine a year. Metropolitan sentiment, unrolling countryside and a laid-back beach culture encompass San Luis Obispo. An idyllic location for watching waves crash against the shore as you take a puff of cannabis, New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store has cannabis products that will appeal to residents of San Luis Obispo who are seeking tranquility of body and mind, or even a soul-seeking adventure.


Try a Sativa strain from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online selection of cannabis flowers as you head to Bubblegum Alley. A tourist landmark, and one of the town’s most heralded places, Bubblegum Alley is 65 feet long and 15 feet high. Since the 1950’s, residents have been sticking gum against the famed alley that has been featured on MTV, PBS, The Tonight Show and That’s Incredible! As the Delta 8 THC starts to take effect, feel creativity wash upon you as you take coveted pictures against San Luis Obispo’s famous spot!


Feel like royalty after indulging in a Delta 8 THC gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online selection of edibles before heading to Hearst Castle, a mountaintop colossal architecture with over 68,000 square feet of luxuriousness. View tropical flora that surrounds an indoor Roman pool laden with marble statues and gold and sapphire beams. As the Delta 8 THC starts to take effect, you’ll feel at one with nature as you view wild animals grazing along the grass like zebras from a once built zoo by William Randolph Hearst. 


If you’re feeling a zest for life, puff on a vape from New Amsterdam Cafe before wandering through Elephant Seal Vista Point where you can view elephant seals sun-bathing as they roll around in the sand. 


San Luis Obispo is laden with adventures to explore with the relaxing, soothing and energizing effects of cannabis products from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary. New Amsterdam Cafe has a wide range of cannabis products that include vapes, cannabis flowers, ointments, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, edibles, extracts and more!