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It’s natural to surrender yourself to an urban jungle where time is parallel to money, especially in a global city like San Jose, the largest city in Northern California. A focal point for its affluence and innovation in the high tech industry, San Jose is an opulent cultural, political and economical city with the fitting nickname “Capital of Silicon Valley”. 


Consistently ranked as one of the healthiest cities in America, it’s important to learn how to simmer down and relax. New Amsterdam Cafe is here to help you destress from a day of conferences and meetings with our selection of cannabis products in our online marijuana dispensary. 


Remember the feeling of being nestled in the redwood forests or being high up in the mountainside with just a kiss from the setting sun. Enhance the beauty of San Jose that you’ve hidden away by taking a vape from New Amsterdam Cafe along with you to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden or hiking at Alum Rock Park or Castle Rock State Park as you overlook the endless ocean views traversing the hills. For a quick escape, indulge in a New Amsterdam Cafe edible before passaging to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to watch skaters glide along. 


For an escapade with a date, head to the Garden at the Flea where you can traverse through the San Jose Flea Market enjoying savoury Tostilocos or sip on a Mangonada. Try an extract of Lemon Sour Diesel from New Amsterdam Cafe’s shatters to enhance your foods tartness of lime and tamarind. 


Create little but significant sparks of pleasure within your day by venturing to the SoFA District after work to revel in a craft beer from a brewery or duck into a whimsical art gallery where you can take a discrete drop of Delta 8 THC from New Amsterdam Cafe’s tinctures.