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With the proverbial nickname of “Fog City”, it’s only apt that San Francisco has become the hub of cultural acceptance for the cannabis connoisseur. Haight-Ashbury is synonymous with the creation of the hippie movement. From murals of essential hippie musicians akin to Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison, Fog City has the perfect landscape to wander and pay homage to artists by unwinding and indulging in cannabis specially curated by New Amsterdam Cafe.


Whether you’re looking to savor 4/20 at Hippie Hill, take a whimsical stroll through Fisherman’s wharf, or catch a Warriors game, New Amsterdam Cafe has unparalleled products to enhance your experience. From cannabis flower to extracts, cannabis oil, vape pens, CBD, edibles and more, we have every essential at our online weed store for the bohemian spirit. 


Envision this. You’re situated on a hill overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge when San Francisco’s bittersweet lover wafts in. You’re enveloped by fog that swaddles you like a ghost-grey blanket of clouds. Like a mirage, you’re entranced yet also heartbroken as this mist has bewitched the sunny skies of California. This is where we come in. 


New Amsterdam Cafe’s online marijuana dispensary will bring those sweltering moments of delirium back to you with the assurance of effortless purchasing, elite quality products and packaging and exceptional customer service at your beck and call.