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San Benito County is a romantics dream. Cloaked in verdant, grass covered greenery, cypress trees and rocky promontory, San Benito County is the ideal place to find tranquility while smoking a joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store. 


Bite into a lusciously sweet Delta 8 THC cookie from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles before heading to Lovers Point Park. At night, take the stairs that lead down towards the beach where you can see the ocean waves lapping against the shore as the moonlight rests upon the water. Take a blanket in tow to cuddle up as the blanket of fog encloses you in an embrace. As the Delta 8 THC starts to take effect, you’ll feel your mind contemplating on passion and life. 


Have a CBD capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated CBD products to relax your body and mind as you take a scenic drive to McWay Falls. The turquoise blue waters surrounded by palm trees will captivate your senses. View the waterfall that historically would empty into the ocean before a landslide in 1983 caused a piece of Highway 1 to fall into the ocean that culminated in the creation of a sandy beach beneath the falls. 


Puff on a vape from New Amsterdam Cafe to ease you into a state of bliss as you visit Big Sur State Park. Laze on a tube as the calm and slow-moving river floats you along and the glorious redwood trees create shadows upon your body. 


San Benito County has a range of peaceful locations to explore while utilizing cannabis products from New Amsterdam Cafe. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store carries a wide range of high-quality cannabis products that include vapes, extracts, CBD and Delta 8 THC capsules and tinctures, cannabis flowers, edibles and more!