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Rochester is known for its sprawling scenic gullies and natural pristine lakes with a humble beginning rooted in supplying America with flour. Rochester has countless unique attractions to discover that include art collections, famous cemeteries and museums. Exploring Rochester with a joint in hand from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store will fuel your creative energy as you stroll the streets and delight your senses. 


Puff on a Delta 8 THC vape from New Amsterdam Cafe as you visit the White Lady’s Castle built in the early 20th century, hidden near a forest in Rochester, New York. The crumbling remains are said to be the home that once belonged to an overbearing mother and her daughter. Legend states that the daughter had left for a stroll and never returned. The mother was lost in madness, haunting anyone that would dare to visit the estate. As the Delta 8 THC takes effect, feel a shiver run down your neck as you hear tales of locals sighting a white phantasm. 


Roll a hybrid-joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of cannabis flowers before you visit the Table that Could Talk to the Dead. In the mid-19th century, the Fox Sisters possessed a table that they stated helped them to communicate with the dead. As the Delta 8 THC takes effect, you’ll feel a sense of courage take over you as you visit the Rochester Historical Society to view the mystical table where “rappings” and “knockings”  would stand as proof of spirits. 


Try a Delta 8 THC infused chocolate from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles while viewing the National Center for the History of Electronic Games. You’ll gaze in wonder at the only museum in the world dedicated to the history of electronic gaming. The museum hosts over 20,000 games and consoles with over 10,000 individual video games titles, 100 different handheld models and 5,000 children’s educational games. 


Explore Rochester’s surreal sights as you indulge in cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary. New Amsterdam Cafe carries a vast array of high-quality weed products that include vapes, extracts, Delta 8 THC and CBD tinctures and capsules, edibles, ointments and more!