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Spanish-Revival architecture and swaying palm trees mark the streets of Riverside, the largest city in the Inland Empire where over 300,000 people reside. A culmination of urban grit and natural wonders, Riverside is the perfect place to focus on self-healing with the aid of high-quality cannabis products from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online dispensary. 


Have a tangy Delta 8 THC gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s wide selection of edibles as you visit the Parent Washington Navel Tree, the single source of the state’s entire orange industry. This tree was planted in 1870 and was famed for producing seedless, bright and thin rind oranges. The smell of citrus will be heightened from the Delta 8 THC as you view the parent tree sitting on a patch of land with a plaque stating the importance of the plant. 


Have a puff of an Indica flower from New Amsterdam Cafe’s vast selection of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis flowers as you venture through California State Citrus Historic Park. The 250-acre park is dedicated to the citrus legacy of the state, and is also heralded as the second Gold Rush of California. You’ll be able to see miles of bright citrus groves laden with grapefruits, lemons, oranges and limes along with exhibits and displays of California’s citrus industry. If you get the munchies, the Sunkist Center provides samples of fresh citrus and fruit. 


Have a CBD capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online CBD collection before hiking up Mount Rubidoux, a landmark of Riverside County. Feel your aches and pains unravel as you trek four miles towards the peak of the mountain. Along your journey you’ll view wildflowers, cacti and historically significant markers that detail Riverside County’s incredible past. At the summit of Rubidoux lays a cross with stone-carved steps to sit on as you revel in the views of Riverside where the oldest outdoor Easter sunset service in the country takes place every year since 1909. 


If you’re seeking a solo adventure, puff on a vape from New Amsterdam Cafe as you head to the secluded Graffiti Waterfall, famed for the wildness of nature coinciding with vivid spray-painted art. You’ll feel adrenaline soaring through you as you view wrecked cars splattered with streaks of street art next to a wild watermelon patch peeking out of a creek. 


A selection from New Amsterdam Cafe’s vast selection of cannabis products will aid you on your adventures through Riverside County. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary carries vapes, Delta 8 THC and CBD tinctures and capsules, cannabis flowers, extracts, salves and more!