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Richmond County is as warm and enveloping as stepping into your grandmother’s home. With restaurants that cater to comfort food, historical brick houses and Botanical gardens that are host to a wide array of flora and fauna; Richmond County will have you experiencing a sense of lost comfort. New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store has a multitude of cannabis products that will provide you with a semblance of peace as you wander through the storybook landscape of Richmond County. 


Puff on a mood-enhancing Indica-dominant strain from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of cannabis flowers before visiting the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden. An ode to peace and love, this authentically classical outdoor Chinese garden represents the relationship between China and America. View the mosaic in the upper pavilion that is showcased as a representation of the unity and friendship between America and China.  China is symbolized with broken rice bowls while America is presented as broken beer bottles. 


Relax your joints with a CBD capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of CBD products as you venture to New York City’s oldest continuously working family style farm; the Decker Farm. You’ll feel a deep sense of relaxation moving throughout your body as you walk through the 11 acres of farmland. Decker Farm hosts a farmhouse, chicken coop and large and small barn. During the Fall, visitors flock to Decker Farm for its annual pumpkin-picking soiree, old-fashioned hayride and corn maze!


Immerse yourself in a Richmond County tradition by going to the fair! Taste a delectable Delta 8 THC infused chocolate from New Amsterdam Cafe’s variety of edibles before visiting the Richmond County Fair that has been in operation since 1979. A combination of traditional events with a modern flair, this fair features farm animals, potato sack races, carnival rides and live music! Try a classic soda pop from Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda Pop with wild flavours like Gatling Gun Grape, Outlaw Orange and Vintage Vanilla Cream! Don’t miss out on the crowd favorite with flame grilled Italian sausage and peppers from Johnny’s BBQ! 


New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store has premium quality cannabis products that will cater to your needs as you discover the wonders of Richmond County. New Amsterdam Cafe carries high-quality cannabis flowers, vapes, Delta 8 THC and CBD capsules and tinctures, extracts, edibles, ointments and more!