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Oxnard is a romantic culmination of beauty and nature. An elevation of senses, Oxnard will have you enamoured with its sunset-gold beach and historical architecture. Envision sitting under a neon-blue sky threaded with silver watching cylinders of light dance across the crystal-clear sea, pampering yourself with a toke of cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary. 


Feel towers of radiant light soaking your skin as you stroll along the Mandalay State Beach smoking a Delta 8 THC vape from New Amsterdam Cafe. You’ll feel an inner wildness unleash as you’re surrounded by the natural preserved beauty of Mandalay Beach. Once your mind relaxes to a state of euphoric bliss, take a stroll through Mandalay County Park where you can view wildlife like the rare species of Snowy Plover birds flitting across fragile dunes and wetlands. 


For days when you feel anxious and overwhelmed with stagnancy, have a CBD tincture from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of high-quality CBD products while visiting the Silver Strand Beach. Your muscles will feel relaxed as you float along the slothful sea, free of gravity as you breath in the crisp cool air as the surface of the tides rise and fall with rhythmic ease, blanketed in tranquility as the effects of CBD begins to trickle over your body. 


Pamper yourself by trying a puff of Sativa from New Amsterdam Cafe’s wide range of cannabis flowers before venturing to the Magnavino Cellars. Your tastebuds will be electrified as the Delta 8 THC takes effect while sampling award-winning wines and creamy gourmet cheese in a tasting room laden with wooden barrels and delicate tea-lights.


Oxnard is a city that is synonymous with tranquility and luxury. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online cannabis products are of the finest quality, with effects that will enhance your days spent relishing solitude or engaging in social activities. New Amsterdam Cafe has a wide array of cannabis products that include vapes, Delta 8 THC and CBD oils and capsules, extracts, Sativa, Indica and hybrid flowers, salves and more!