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Reminisce on the way you’d feel while biting into a steaming hot plate of your mother’s creamy homemade chicken pot pie. Stepping into Oswego County, you’re placed with a sense of familiarity that instantaneously makes it feel like home. As you slip into the comfort of a surrounding entrenched with history, nature and culinary delights, sip on a smooth-hitting joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store. 


Try a Sativa strain from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of cannabis flowers that will elevate cerebral effects and enhance your thought process and focus before visiting the Salmon River Fish Hatchery. At the hatchery you can view salmon and trout spawning processes as well as going on a self-guided tour to see the various exhibits on display. 


For a rare and romantic excursion, share a titillating bite of a Delta 8 THC chocolate from New Amsterdam Cafe’s variety of edibles as you embark on a visit to the Salmon River Lighthouse and Marina. As you sit by the Salmon River teeming with marine life, you’ll view a kaleidoscope of colors from the majestic sunset. 


Have a tincture of CBD oil from New Amsterdam Cafe’s premium quality CBD products to feel a therapeutic sense of reinvigoration before stepping into the infamous Lighthouse built in 1838 for an overnight escape. Sweeping views of the Salmon River will enclose you from both floors. As the CBD takes effect, your joints will feel at ease as you climb up the very top of the lighthouse into the light tower. 


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