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Oakland is surrounded by lush redwood forests, quaint green hills and a vast visual art scene that encompasses the soul of the city. From skyscrapers, Victorian restored buildings to street art, Oakland has it all! New Amsterdam Cafe is an online weed store with cannabis products that can enhance the natural beauty surrounding Oakland, whether it’s climbing up a hidden staircase into the hills to marvel at the views of the Bay, or lazing underneath a magnificent sequoia tree. 


Explore  Jack London Square by taking an edible from New Amsterdam Cafe before peering at the waterfront that leads to San Francisco. If you’re looking for an appetite boost, try a selection of New Amsterdam Cafe’s cannabis flowers before sitting down for a meal at Everett and Jones. Every bite of smoky, tender beef brisket will be enhanced from New Amsterdam Cafe’s cannabis! If you’re feeling particularly mischievous, head to Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon after taking a discrete drop of New Amsterdam Cafe’s Delta 8 THC tincture. You’ll feel like a sailor embarking on a journey while drinking an ale on the remains of a whaling ship! 


If you’re a history buff and love to be active, try a CBD capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed shop before going on a free Old Oakland Walking Tour where you’ll learn of the Transcontinental Railroad and visit the historic Swans Marketplace. 


To experience a mindful pause, take a vape from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary as you sit by Lake Merritt, simply basking in the sun of the 3-mile wide lagoon. A Delta 8 THC capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe will help you to feel motivated as you take in the view of over 70 species of native birds that surround the area.


Take a pre-rolled joint with you from New Amsterdam Cafe as you venture on a 4-mile hike through Oakland Redwood Regional Park where you’ll be surrounded by scenic wonders like valley floor streams and hills that overlook the majestic views of the Bay Area. 


New Amsterdam Cafe has a wide range of online cannabis products that include Delta 8 THC and CBD drops and capsules, cannabis flowers, vapes, edibles, ointments and more!