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The effervescent mist of a waterfall, the fragrance of pine and scattered leaves and a sunset the color of fire hearths and tangerines is what you’ll encounter while in New York State. Envision lounging next to an opaque green lake where kaleidoscopic Koi splash under the surface as you take a puff of cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online dispensary; feeling your mind and body gently unravel.


Find a place of tranquility and stillness even through the roar of raging waterfalls as you take a Delta 8 THC capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe while overlooking the Niagara Falls. You’ll feel a sense of confidence building within you as the Delta 8 THC takes effect. Embark on the Maid of the Mist where you’ll feel the gushing water of Niagara Falls dust your cheeks. Feel your heart race as you climb wooden stairs to view the magnificence of the Falls within metres. 


Have a puff of Sativa from New Amsterdam Cafe’s vast selection of cannabis flowers as you trek through the Grand Canyon of the East. You’ll feel a surge of energy as the Sativa takes hold of your hand as you watch the Genesee River flowing south to north as it cuts through to the 14,350 acre Letchworth State Park. Take in the beauty of trees and saplings as they lead towards a lush valley that almost feels ethereal.


For a rush of exhilaration, climb aboard a hot air balloon after indulging in a Delta 8 THC gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s high-quality edibles. You’ll be soaring to the skies with Balloons Over Letchworth where you’ll have views of the wild and narrow canyon path that snakes around ancient, withering trees. 


New York State has an abundance of natural wonders to explore while enjoying cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary. New Amsterdam Cafe has a wide array of cannabis products to choose from that include Delta 8 THC and CBD capsules and tinctures, vapes, cannabis flowers, salves, extracts, pre-rolled joints and more!