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Electric, grandeur, diverse and cultural; all of these terms encompass what it means to be in New York City. Tom Wolfe once stated, “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years”. New York City is a place where you instantly feel a sense of acceptance and belonging. New York City is the quintessential place to explore with a joint in hand, revelling in the bustling crowds and colossal buildings with the sound of effervescent traffic that will make you feel like you’re in a state of delirium. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online cannabis dispensary will provide you with high-quality products that will aid you while traversing through the grandeur of New York City.


Have a puff of Sativa from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online curation of cannabis flowers before entering the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art. A cultural staple of New York City, the MET features a Gothic-Revival architecture with iconic tiered steps. Your mind will succumb to the sensation of cognitive content from the effects of Delta 8 THC as you stand in awe among exhibits before laying foot into the Great Hall that has an almost intimidating amount of artifacts and paintings to explore your horizons. Visit the Temple of Dendur, a 2000 year old towering Egyptian temple that will have you soaring to the Gods above. 


Try a tincture of Delta 8 THC from New Amsterdam Cafe as you visit the Statue of Liberty, where the statue rests upon Liberty Island, a 14-acre fodder of land. You’ll marvel in wonder at the colossal copper sculpture that is a figure of Libertas, a Roman liberty goddess that holds a torch above her right hand. You’ll feel your emotions heightened as you view the green goddess’s left hand that clutches a tabula ansata dated July 4, 1776 , the U.S Declaration of Independence. At her feet, a broken shackle and chain commemorate the national abolition of slavery. 


Have a gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s wide selection of edibles as you watch world-class performances at Carnegie Hall, renowned for its remarkable Renaissance Revival architecture and legacy that characterizes the hall as a national historic landmark. You’ll feel a sense of astonishment as you look upon the Isaac Stern Auditorium that has hosted performances since 1891. Once the Delta 8 THC activates a pleasant cerebral high, visit the Rose Museum that chronicles Carnegie Hall’s extensive history, videos and photographs. 


New York City is a place with countless wonders and activities to engage in. Indulge in New Amsterdam Cafe’s online curation of cannabis products that will enhance your ventures through New York City. New Amsterdam Cafe has a vast array of cannabis products that include vapes, Sativa, Indica and Hybrid cannabis flowers, Delta 8 THC and CBD capsules and tinctures, pre-rolled joints, salves and more!