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The magnificent Mono County was named after Mono Lake in 1852 as an ode to the Native American Paiute tribe, the Mono people. Steeped in rich history and a wondrous landscape, Mono County is renowned as an outdoor aficionado’s dream come true. From numerous lakes and streams filled with trout and miles of trails that twist through forests, venture through Mono County with a joint in hand from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store. 


Puff on a Delta 8 THC vape from New Amsterdam Cafe as you head to the Crowley Lake Columns; one of California’s most beautiful rock formations crafted from years of volcanic activity. Over 767,000 years ago, a massive volcanic eruption created built up ash that formed to a layer of stone. The stone can be seen as bulbous columns known as “degassing pipes”. As the Delta 8 THC takes effect, allow yourself to flow into a serene retreat. 


Have a CBD capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of CBD products to relax your muscles before embarking on a hike to the Hot Creek Geological Site. View the captivating yet perilous sights of aqua boiling pools and steaming shorelines. The temperatures within the creek reach up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Take in the famed “Cauldron”, a gurgling outpouring of deep-seated water that causes the surface to create waves of bubbles. Gaze in wonder at the inception of life and death known as Mammoth Creek where a cold, trout filled stream turns into a treacherous cauldron of hydrodynamic power. 


Roll a Sativa joint with New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of high-quality cannabis flowers as you trek towards Mono Lake. One of the oldest lakes in North America, Mono Lake is believed to have formed 760,000 years ago. Unwind in a realm of seclusion as you view the tufa towers; calcium-carbonate structures that form from underground springs. You’ll be amazed at the 30-foot tall spire structures that tower above you. Watch for a tiny species of brine shrimp; the Artemia monica that is found nowhere else within the world. 


The wonders of Mono County await you as you embark on a feast for your senses while utilizing high-quality cannabis products from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store. New Amsterdam Cafe carries a vast array of weed products that include vapes, extracts, cannabis flowers, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, ointments, edibles and more!