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Modoc County, aptly referred to as “The Place Where the West Still Lives” is encircled by quaint ranches and farmland. You can often see bald eagles gliding towards snow-capped mountain peaks, and wild horses grazing on a hill shrouded with daisies. Tour the beautiful expanse of Modoc County while enjoying high-quality cannabis products from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store.


Have a tincture of CBD oil from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of CBD products before embarking on a strenuous excursion to the Crystal Ice Cave. Your joints will feel at ease as you ascend a sheer, 50-foot long sloped ice floor as you hold on to a rope. As the CBD begins to take effect, you’ll find it effortless to stay agile and coordinated while stepping on loose, boulder-strewn floors and icy patches. As you journey into the mouth of the cave, you’ll be struck with a sense of delight as you gaze at rare ice formations and solitary biomes. Inside of the cave, you will find mortar and pestles, petroglyphs and other symbols of the Native American Modoc people that used to reside within the caves. 


Try a Hybrid joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of cannabis flowers as you venture to the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge. The Modoc Refuge is 7,021 acres of wetland, reservoir, riparian, sagebrush-steppe and cropland habitats that are located on a high elevation of 4,365 feet and cold desert environment. Share a Delta 8 THC infused gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s edible selection as you view Mule Deer foraging in the grain fields as they hide in the thick willow of the wetlands. As the Delta 8 THC starts to take effect, you’ll feel enclosed by a sense of peace as you watch the Tundra Swans gracefully floating on the clear blue lake. 


New Amsterdam Cafe’s high-quality cannabis products will enhance your experience as you submerge yourself into the serenity of Modoc County. New Amsterdam Cafe carries a wide range of weed products that include extracts, vapes, edibles, CBD and Delta 8 THC capsules and tinctures, cannabis flowers, ointments and more!