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Translating to “modest” in Spanish, Modesto is inhabited with a laid-back culture that has a sense of unobtrusive humbleness. George Lucas referenced the city’s easy-going attributes within his film “American Graffiti” with the showcase of drifting along idle streets for recreation. Today, Modesto’s modern culture has embraced cannabis use as a socially prominent activity. The vast quantity of waterways, parks, galleries and events make Modesto an ideal city to unwind with a puff of cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online dispensary. 


Modesto has been a pioneer in generating an interest for the ideology of Farm-to-Table food. Try a Delta 8 THC capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe as you stroll through the Modesto Certified Farmers Market. Your senses will be awakened in time to try the delicious offerings of the 30 year market that displays fresh produce like luscious apricots, flaky artisanal bread and delicate cheeses. 


For a taste of culture, choose from a variety of New Amsterdam Cafe’s online Sativa flowers before heading to the Gallo Center for the Arts. The Sativa will assist in heightening your sensations for sound as Beethoven and Dvorak drift from the stage towards you in a thundering cloud of soothing vibrations. 


To enjoy an ode to American pop-culture, have a Delta 8 THC cookie from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles as you watch a parade of vintage cars crusade past the streets during Graffiti Summer. If you feel the munchies taking over, head to the A&W Drive-In on G street where you can hear oldies played over the speakers while servers ricochet around cars in roller-skates. 


Modesto’s buoyant environment is ideal for indulging in cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store. Choose from a wide selection of curated cannabis products that include Delta 8 THC and CBD oils and capsules, vapes, ointments, extracts, flowers and more!