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Steve Buscemi once stated, “There’s a certain type of character that you can’t help but come in contact with growing up and living in Long Island. A certain mixture of moxie, heart, and a wise guy sense of humor.” Long Island residents have a unique sense of strength in the sense that there is a high value of community, openness and compassion. A common form of recreation in Long Island is to bond with family and friends by Coopers Beach with a joint in hand. New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store carries a wide range of cannabis products that will relax and invigorate you while exploring the quaint downtown villages, pristine beaches and historical sites of Long Island. 


Try a Sativa joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of cannabis flowers before visiting the Vanderbilt Museum inside the mansion once owned by William K. Vanderbilt II (the great-grandson of the founder of the New York Central Railroad and Staten Island Ferry, Cornelius Vanderbilt). As the Delta 8 THC starts to take effect, you’ll feel a cerebral high that will enhance your visual experience while touring the natural history specimens and artifacts collected by William Vanderbilt II. View “The Hall of Fishes”, one of the largest private collections of marine specimens within the world that includes the largest taxidermied fish in the world; a 32-foot long mounted whale shark. 


Have a CBD capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of CBD products to calm your nerves and relax your joints before entering the Amityville Horror House, the site of a massacre that culminated in a multimedia franchise. The house at 112 Ocean Avenue was once owned by Ronald DeFeo Jr. who murdered his entire family in the middle of the night. Amityville became infamous after the Lutz family purchased the house, only to be driven away less than a month after by paranormal events. As the CBD takes effect, you’ll feel a serene sense of calmness while hearing tales of oozing slime, spectral voices, demonic sightings and swarms of flies that had taken place within the haunted house. 


New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary carries a wide range of high-quality cannabis products that you can enjoy while discovering the unique attractions hidden within Long Island. New Amsterdam Cafe’s weed products include vapes, Delta 8 THC and CBD tinctures and capsules, edibles, extracts, cannabis flowers, salves, pre-rolled joints and more!