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From the moment you enter Long Beach, you can feel a gentle saltwater breeze kiss your skin from the ocean shore. An ideal beachside city that provides its residents with utter tranquillity, Long Beach is the apt location to satiate your senses with cannabis. A selection from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online dispensary will make you feel a sense of spiritual awakening as you gaze at glistening waves lapping against the golden sands of Long Beach.


Take a puff from New Amsterdam Cafe’s vape as you watch ravenous seagulls beat their wings against the infinite blue sky while embarking on Long Beach’s Harbor Cruise. Have a drop of Delta 8 THC from New Amsterdam Cafe’s tinctures as gondoliers sway you along the dreamy canals of Long Beach. Relax in your gondola with a blanket wrapped around you and a glass of Pinot Noir in hand as the night sky is electrified with stars. 


Admire the soft delicacy within New Amsterdam Cafe’s range of cannabis flowers before you enter the legendary ocean liner, Queen Mary where you’ll sip your afternoon tea from opulent rose patterned cups. You’ll notice that flavours of cardamom and mint will be enhanced from New Amsterdam Cafe’s delectable cannabis edibles.


If you’re looking to indulge in culinary delights, try an extract from New Amsterdam Cafe before going to Parkers’ Lighthouse in Shoreline Village where you’ll overlook the waterfront while your tastebuds are titillated from their signature dish of Lobster Mac & Cheese. Buttery lobster and a succulent blend of gruyere, parmesan and fontina will conjure a tantalizing spell after trying New Amsterdam Cafe’s online curation of cannabis! 


New Amsterdam Cafe will enhance your quaint beachside experience with a large selection of online cannabis products that range from Delta 8 THC and CBD tinctures, capsules, cannabis flowers, ointments, vapes and more!