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Jefferson County holds a monopoly on both nature and architecture. Stately mansions, illustrious buildings as well as visually striking lakes and tumultuous rivers encompass Jefferson County. Whether you’re seeking a refuge from the stress and chaos of modern civilization, or wanting to take a dive into the historical remnants of America, Jefferson County has it all. New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store carries high-quality cannabis products that will suit your every need as you traverse the unprecedented Jefferson County. 


Step into the world of Jay Gatsby as you enter the gates of the Boldt Castle. Try a tincture of Delta 8 THC from New Amsterdam Cafe before embarking on a journey through history as you visit the castle that was constructed in 1900 by millionaire hotel magnate of the world famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel, George C. Boldt as a tribute to his wife Louise. Mere months before the completion of the castle, the ill-fated Louise passed away and a despairing Mr. Boldt refused to continue the completion of Boldt Castle.  The structure has been kept intact as a monument to the love between Mr. and Mrs. Boldt. 


Try a delectable Delta 8 THC chocolate from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles as you tour the 120 rooms, six story castle. View the Italian gardens that are bedecked with opulent plants, statues and a drawbridge. The ballroom has handcrafted ceilings that have delicate carvings etched as an ode to Victorian times. 


Get your taste-buds tingling by trying a mouthwatering pre-rolled Hybrid joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of cannabis flowers before visiting Art’s Jug. Art’s Jug, an Italian restaurant, has been owned and operated by four generations of the Sboro family since 1933. 


As your appetite increases, you’ll feel an insatiable need to try the infamous pasta and pizza of Art’s Jug as the exquisite smell of garlic and spices waft towards you. Try the Homemade Lasagna with homemade noodles layered between sausages, oregano spiced ground beef, fresh mushrooms and creamy cheese. The tomato sauce has a light tartness that is accented by the pure softness of the ricotta cheese. 


New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store carries a wide array of high-quality cannabis products that you can utilize while exploring Jefferson County. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store carries cannabis flowers, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, extracts, edibles, ointments, vapes and more!