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Humboldt County is known for erasing the stigma of marijuana use and creating a nationwide legalization movement. Humboldt County is recognized as one of the top locations within the United States to enjoy cannabis and relax in the great outdoors. This 4,000 square mile county has breathtaking scenery with redwoods that tend to swallow you whole with their magnificent beauty. Relaxation at its peak, Humboldt County is the ideal location to indulge in cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online dispensary. 


For a romantic getaway, try a Hybrid pre-rolled joint from New Amsterdam Cafe before heading to the Benbow Inn, known as a getaway for 1920s Hollywood stars like Clark Gable and Joan Fontaine. You’ll be surrounded by luxury and seclusion to indulge in cannabis as you view the sights of towering Coastal Redwood trees. View the Hyperion, the largest living known tree on planet Earth with an impressive height of 115.5 meters. 


Have a CBD cookie to relax your limbs as you head towards the riding stables. You’ll trot past the Benbow Inn Garden that boasts of over 80 versatile roses with an old stone bridge arching over the Eel River. 


Sit on a giant log of driftwood as you overlook the sunset at Mad River beach while puffing on a high-quality vape from New Amsterdam Cafe. You’ll feel an inner sense of serenity overtake as you hear the sound of thundering waves. Humboldt County has a range of activities to choose from while enjoying New Amsterdam Cafe’s high quality weed products. New Amsterdam Cafe has a vast variety of weed products to choose from that include vapes, Delta 8 THC and CBD capsules and tinctures, edibles, cannabis flowers, extracts and more!