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Like a cross between Narnia and Middle Earth, Greene County is a piece of fantasy wrapped in New England’s blanket of natural beauty. From nature aficionados to the city worker looking to simply find respite from their concrete jungle, Greene County is saturated with natural wonders that will make your heart skip a beat…or several. Indulge in high-quality cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store as you traverse the natural wonders of Greene County. 

Puff on a hybrid joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of cannabis flowers while exploring Kaaterskill Falls. The geological formations are layered by Mother Nature in a precise and hypnotic pattern which lets you enjoy a spectacular view of the unique flow of water. The waterfall is as beautiful as any bespoke piece of garden decoration yet on a scale that will leave you in awe. You’ll feel a lightness overcome your body and mind as you revel in the beauty of Greene County. 

Try a Delta 8 THC infused gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of edibles while enjoying the views of the skiing mecca that is Windham Mountain. Gentle bends and curves seemingly hold the sky up whilst the frozen waters decorate the mountain like a magical winter display. The views from Windham Mountain are as refreshing as the crisp, clean air. The feeling of being on top of these fantastic plateaus will mesmerize you for a lifetime.

Nothing will overwhelm your senses with sheer natural ecstasy the way Devil’s Path Trail will. Have a tincture of CBD oil from New Amsterdam Cafe’s variety of CBD products as you hike through the evergreen hills, discovering lost and forgotten paths; bringing them back to life with your wanderlust. The trails on this beautifully clear hiking paradise will take you to the most ethereal destinations you could imagine.

New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed dispensary has a wide array of high-quality cannabis products that you can utilize as you discover a sense of inner peace while exploring the bountiful land of Greene County. New Amsterdam Cafe carries a vast selection of weed products that include vapes, extracts, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, edibles, cannabis flowers, ointments and more!