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Genesee County’s name is derived from the Seneca Indian term for ‘beautiful valley’. Just like the Seneca culture, the county has a rich and formidable tie with Earth. Genesee County is unbelievably saturated with every manner of fascinating natural feature, recreational activity, and more. Explore the endless wonders of Genesee County as you indulge in the finest quality weed products from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store. 

Puff on a Delta 8 THC vape from New Amsterdam Cafe as you stroll through Draves Arboretum. The Arboretum is a majestic piece of art, the canvas being the breathtakingly beautiful scenic meadows and the plethora of beautiful trees in every shade, size, and style act as the paint strokes. 

Enhance your experience further and treat yourself to a visit to Letchworth State Park as you try a Delta 8 THC infused chocolate from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles. The Genesee River flows seductively through the gorge over three awe-inspiring waterfalls between cliffs surrounded by a thick blanket of lush forest. The park is decorated with an intricate lattice of walkways letting you explore the many well-kept and enchanting secrets.

Genesee County is also home to some of the most adventures and exhilarating outdoor activities. For the more intrepid consumer, try a tincture of CBD oil from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of CBD products before taking a trip to Six Flags at Darien Lake. Terrifyingly high drop roller coasters and mesmerizingly spiralling water slides make for days of relentless excitement and infinite hedonistic fun. As the CBD begins to take effect within your body, you’ll feel a calming sensation wash over both your body and mind. Genesee County has it all for the cultivated consumer. New Amsterdam Cafe’s high quality weed products will provide you with a gratifying experience while exploring the immeasurable beauty of Genesee County. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store carries vapes, extracts, edibles, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, ointments, cannabis flowers and more!