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The first thing you notice when you venture through Gardena is the feeling of warmth, courtesy and loyalty that the residents have for one another. Gardena is a city that is composed of diversity that is embraced wholeheartedly; from Japanese food markets to celebrating Cinco Del Mayo, everyone feels a sense of inclusion. 


Social activities may be scarce in this peaceful town, which is why Gardenia residents love to indulge in a puff of cannabis to unwind and let conversations flow freely. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online dispensary will provide you with high-quality cannabis products that you can use for a variety of occasions; whether alone seeking relaxation, or to ease social anxiety.


Have a drop of Sativa oil from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online selection of tinctures to increase your appetite as you wander through Tokyo Central & Main. Taste bento-boxes containing edamame, chicken karaage and soy rice where flavours will explode within your mouth from the effects of New Amsterdam Cafe’s Delta 8 THC. Sip on fresh green tea and browse the colorful aisles where anime characters like Sailor Moon will bring reminiscent childhood feelings to life. 


When you’re feeling lucky, try a CBD capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe’s wide range of high-quality CBD products before visiting the Hustler Casino. Your mind will feel alert and your limbs relaxed as you roll the dice in the luxurious casino’s 60,000 square feet of gaming space. 


For a unique date night, share a gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s vast array of edible selections as you tour Gardena’s food trucks. Delight in culinary creations like barbacoa and citrusy shrimp ceviche tostadas from El Antojito where cumin, coriander and chillies intertwine to create a refreshing flavourful bite that is enhanced from New Amsterdam Cafe’s edibles. 


New Amsterdam Cafe’s curation of online cannabis products are versatile and can be utilized to the fullest while exploring Gardena. New Amsterdam Cafe carries Delta 8 THC and CBD capsules and oils, extracts, cannabis flowers, vapes, rolling papers and more!