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Fresno, named for the copious ash trees that line the San Joaquin River is renowned as a scenic wonderland. From Blossom Trail which is an eruption of vibrant colors and polished orchards to exploring picturesque farmlands that have an abundance of white citrus, almond, apricot and nectarine blossoms; cannabis is the perfect compliment to enhance your adventure.


Enjoy enticing tacos from El Premio Mayor, the illustrious two-time defending champion of Fresno’s annual Taco Truck Throwdown by magnifying your senses with cannabis products from New Amsterdam Cafe, a curated online marijuana dispensary. 


After a hefty meal, take a stroll down to Tower District, the center of Fresno’s LGBT, punk and hipster communities! If you need an energizing boost, New Amsterdam Cafe has a magnificent selection of cannabis including Sour Diesel and Pineapple Express that will have you popping to the rhythm of “Walking Into Fresno”.  


For a perfect date night, share edibles or a tincture of Delta 8 THC with your significant other before attending the Big Fresno Fair. In the crowd of over 600,000 visitors, you may even spot Cher coming back to support her hometown.


Hipsters, thrill-seekers and cannaseurs, New Amsterdam Cafe’s got you, babe.