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Cloaked in a rich history of film-making, landmarks and period buildings, Fremont is one of the most fascinating founding cities in California. Silent film historian David Kiehn has said that Fremont is “like a moment in time. A moment that has managed to survive all these years.” Fremont is the perfect place to pay homage to Broncho Billy and “The Tramp” as you unwind with a puff of cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online dispensary.


Try a Delta 8 THC edible as you walk around Niles Canyon trail, the original Hollywood where over 350 silent movies were filmed. For film buffs, have a drop of Delta 8 THC from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of tinctures as you tour around the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum to view memorabilia of cowboy adventures. Your muscles and joints will unwind from the soothing touch of cannabis as you lounge in a 1913 theater watching a silent film presentation of Charlie Chaplin twirling a cane down the dusty canyon trail of Niles.


For a serene activity, have a delicious CBD candy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online edible selection while hiking through the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Your mind and body will be refreshed as you bike across the Dumbarton Bridge while viewing harbour seals swimming in the sloughs. 


Meditate on top of Mission Peak Regional Reserve after trying a puff of New Amsterdam Cafe’s vapes as you overlook the Silicon Valley. Feel a crisp breeze brush against your cheek while a mental fog lifts around while taking in the breathtaking panoramic scene of the valley below. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online selection of cannabis can be used for a multitude of activities in Fremont that will expand your horizons and encase you in the history that is Fremont. 


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