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Fontana is renowned for its historical buildings, stunning Jurupa Mountains and striking scenery and is a city that is bathed in tranquillity. Fontana is the perfect city to nestle by the arms of a shaggy tree with a joint in hand as you watch Monarch butterflies with Tiffany glass wings glide towards sky-spearing mountains. A selection from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated cannabis products is essential for cannasseurs wanting to unwind surrounded by Fontana’s natural beauty. 


A CBD capsule from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store will help ease your muscle-pain as you trek through the towering Jurupa Mountains. You’ll be able to walk with complete ease through the 2.2-mile trail blanketed with wildflowers and rocky terrains that are host to crouching lizards. Have a puff of a vape from New Amsterdam Cafe as you reach Jurupa’s peak, where the panoramic views of Fontana will leave you astonished.


For those looking to titillate their senses, choose an extract from New Amsterdam Cafe in advance of visiting the Center Stage Theater, where you can satiate your senses by watching Tibbies Cabaret show. Indulge in an edible to enjoy a feast during Center Stage’s Saturday Night Supper Club, where you can gorge on soufflés, bruschetta, Martinis, and Manhattan’s. 


If you’re seeking tranquillity, opt for an Indica flower as you establish serenity in the surroundings of Mary Vagle Nature Center. Feel your stress unravel as your body relaxes from the soothing haze of Indica as you walk along a leaf-carpeted path to marvel at the ornate pond. 


New Amsterdam Cafe’s online cannabis products will help you to appreciate the beauty that surrounds Fontana. New Amsterdam Cafe has a wide selection of online weed products that include CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, flowers, ointments, vapes, edibles and more!