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Contra Costa County is coated with a serenity that seems forlorn in today’s urban infrastructure. An infinite sense of mysticism surrounds the county, with tales of Miwok and Ohlone mythology referring to Contra Costa County as the point of creation. Today, residents of Contra County gather around a bonfire with a joint in hand recounting mythic tales of the creator Coyote and his companion Eagle-man creating humans and the world after emerging from the island of Mount Diablo and Reed’s Peak. Another tale speaks of Molok the Condor bringing forth his grandson Wek-Wek the Falcon Hero from within the mountains. Contra Costa County is the ideal location to engage in introspection and admire the nature surrounding Earth by indulging in cannabis from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online dispensary. 


Puff on a Sativa from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of cannabis flowers as you trek towards Diablo State Park to view Mount Diablo, a geological anomaly that towers over the county. Feel your senses awaken as you hear wildlife like bobcats and opossum pattering through the bushes as you stroll past sprawling foothills and majestic waterfalls. As the Sativa activates within your body, you’ll feel a rush of motivation and energy that will propel you towards hiking up the voracious summit trail. 


Once you reach the peak, indulge in a tincture of CBD oil and massage in a CBD salve from New Amsterdam Cafe’s vast online selection of CBD products that will help you to relax and ease your muscles and joints after the enduring 2.5 hour hike. A sense of euphoria will settle over you as you regale in the panoramic views of infinite lush greenery, marshmallow clouds while feeling a gust of wind that gifts the earthy scent of tree bark and soil. 


For a surge of adrenaline and a dose of courage, have a Delta 8 THC cookie from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles before heading on a guided hike to observe the “March of the Tarantulas”, where you can see male tarantulas of Mount Diablo emerge from burrows to seek mates by migration from August to October.