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Colusa County’s slogan states that the County is a representation of “Freedom unabstracted” and a desire to “Glide, float, soar, bask, breathe deep and be wild”. A culmination of thrilling adventure and a nurturing sense of home, Colusa County is the ideal location to unwind while smoking a joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store. 


Puff on a vape from New Amsterdam Cafe as you head to the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. View snow geese, grebes and ducks as they saunter through the lake. As the Delta 8 THC takes effect, try meditating as you hear the breathtaking sounds of birds like blue herons, egrets and songbirds. 


Try a CBD gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of CBD products to loosen your limbs as you go on a gentle hike through the massive reserve to view the marsh. Bring along a pair of binoculars to view a variety and scope of birds like hawks and cranes! Sit by the water where you’ll be surrounded by solitude and tranquility. 


Have a Delta 8 THC infused cookie from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles as you visit the Grand Island Shrine. This location is noted as having held the first Catholic mass in California. You’ll feel an inner sense of peace and serenity as you view the pink structure with a white cross situated in the center of farmland. A delightful piece of history; the Grand Island Shrine is one of the smallest churches with only room for ten. 


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