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Chula Vista is aptly named “beautiful view” for its majestic wealth of scenic locations from miles of coastline and trails to mountain foothills. With over 52 square miles of coastal landscape, rolling hills, parks and canyons, Chula Vista is an outdoor oasis for exploration where its beauty can be enhanced to the fullest with the aid of cannabis. New Amsterdam Cafe’s online dispensary has an array of cannabis products that can be used while discovering the great outdoors of Chula Vista. 


Try a Delta 8 THC tincture from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store before going to Aquatica, Sea World’s waterpark where you can roam around over 32 acres of an alluringly landscaped waterpark. You’ll be able to feel every pinprick of soothingly cold water on your skin as you rush down water slides, embark on thrilling rides and view exotic marine animals like dolphins and penguins. 


For outdoor enthusiasts, have a capsule of CBD from New Amsterdam Cafe to relax your aching muscles before going for a sprint through Rice Canyon Trail’s 3.5 mile hiking trail where you’ll be enveloped by blooming flowers, hawks and a succulent view of the canyon. 


For foodies, enjoy a gummy from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online selection of edibles before going to Tacos El Gordo De Tijuana, where you can feast on creamy guacamole, and Adobada where the flavours of ancho chillies intermingling with juicy pork and fragrant cilantro will be a vibrant explosion for your senses. 


To fully immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Chula Vista, choose from a selection of New Amsterdam Cafe’s Indica flowers before visiting the Marina View Park. The Indica will give you a relaxing body buzz as you laze under towering trees with a view of the sunset kissing the ocean shore while a gentle breeze surrounds you in tranquility.  


New Amsterdam Cafe has a wide range of online cannabis products that will suit your everyday needs while exploring Chula Vista. New Amsterdam Cafe carries CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, vapes, ointments, flowers, oils and more!