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Butte County is comprised of small city charm and sophistication. With a diverse agricultural heritage spanning over a century, Butte County is renowned as a destination for agritourism. The ideal day in Butte County involves sipping on a fresh glass of Chardonnay while overlooking a waterfall plunging down from a mesa as you puff on a joint; slowly feeling your muscles and mind unwind. New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed dispensary has an array of high-quality cannabis products that you can utilize while taking in the fresh, crisp air of Butte County. 


Try a tincture of Delta 8 THC from New Amsterdam Cafe before embarking on a fishing expedition at Feather River, known for California’s largest steelhead, striped bass, rainbow and brown trout. Feel the calming cerebral effects take over your mind as you gently rock in the currents of the River while feeling the rays of sunshine cascade over your body. 


For the adventurous souls, have a capsule of CBD from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online selection of CBD products to give you wits of steel and a prevalence of calmness before whitewater paddling on the wild and scenic Middle Fork’s 32 miles of Class V rapids. After, unwind by taking a stroll through Feather Falls Scenic Trail in Plumas National Forest where you’ll overlook the 640-foot Feather Falls on Fall River. 


Have a pre-rolled Hybrid joint from New Amsterdam Cafe to get your senses roaring for a beer tasting expedition at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Join a guided tour showcasing California’s largest privately owned solar installation while sipping on a fresh pint of craft Weed Golden Ale. 


New Amsterdam Cafe’s online cannabis dispensary products can be used in many versatile ways while exploring Butte County. New Amsterdam Cafe has a wide range of weed products that include vapes, Delta 8 THC and CBD tinctures and capsules, cannabis flowers, accessories, salves, edibles and more!