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Bakersfield is known for its contribution to country music with its array of music artists and the invention of “Bakersfield Sound”. Tommy Hays is known to still play at local honky-tonks where some members of the audience will indulge in a puff of cannabis before listening to the soothing, sweet sound of Hays. Bakersfield is the perfect country dream for relaxing with the joys of cannabis. New Amsterdam Cafe, an online marijuana dispensary will provide you with the tools to enjoy the great outdoors of Bakersfield. 


Escape to “California’s best-kept secret”, Kern River Canyon where you can take a tincture of CBD from New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store to relax your aches and pains before heading out for a kayak through the river currents. If you want to enjoy the surroundings, choose from a selection of New Amsterdam Cafe’s Sativa oil to fully immerse yourself in the picturesque image of brown hills, an amber sunset and rippling blue water. 


For an adventurous fall activity, take an edible from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated cannabis store while watching a live rodeo or riding a ferris wheel with a loved one where views of the city will seem electrically magnified! If you’re a foodie, try a drop of discreetly held Delta 8 THC while eating at The Chalet Basque, where the ambiance of jazz music and the tantalizing flavours of lemon butter Halibut will melt in your mouth. 


Bakersfield is renowned for having more days of sun than any other city in the Central Valley, which makes it the perfect place to go for a bike ride! Take an uplifting Sativa from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of cannabis flowers that will make you feel energized to explore the grounds at Hart Park, where you can spot a family of ducks wading out to the water and the gentle touch of the sun caressing your body. 


Whether you’re seeking an adventure, recreation, or relaxation, New Amsterdam Cafe’s online curation of cannabis products will ensure you make the most of enjoying Bakersfield. New Amsterdam Cafe carries cannabis products that include Delta 8 THC and CBD capsules and tinctures, salves, edibles, flowers, oils and more!