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Amador County has a sense of familiarity that feels warm, comforting and bucolic. It’s easy to imagine puffing on a joint while reclining on a rocking chair as you view the pastoral grounds and hear the sound of colossal trees being jolted awake by a restless breeze. New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store has high-quality cannabis products that will enhance your experience in Amador County.


Amador County is famed for its award-winning wine that includes the oldest documented zinfandel vineyard in the Americas. Have a puff of a Sativa joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of cannabis flowers to create a mouthwatering experience before visiting Avio Vineyards. As the Delta 8 THC begins to take effect, you’ll be able to taste notes of star anise, fig and black current while sampling the vineyards reputed Zinfandel while situated in a rustic courtyard. 


Have a bite of a lusciously decadent Delta 8 THC infused chocolate that will enhance your taste buds as you head to the annual Barbera Festival in the Terra d’Oro Winery meadow. You’ll be able to sample Barbera from over 60 wineries while listening to live music and tasting culinary delights like paella and succulent garlic chicken. 


Amador County’s beauty is best explored while enjoying New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed products. New Amsterdam Cafe carries a wide assortment of high-quality weed products that include vapes, cannabis flowers, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, edibles, extracts and more!