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Alpine County is a place where time seems to stand still while bringing a sense of salvation to your soul. Alpine County gives you the opportunity to slow down and occasionally stop the constant spinning top of ideas and carousel of duties that create a feeling of entrapment. For the ultimate retreat, indulge in cannabis products from New Amsterdam Cafe’s curated online weed store as you bask in the solitude that Alpine County wholeheartedly provides. 


Have a Delta 8 THC infused brownie from New Amsterdam Cafe’s selection of edibles to relax your body and invigorate your mind while visiting the Travertine Hot Spring. Recline in a hot spring as you take in the natural beauty of a geologic process. You’ll find yourself secluded with picturesque mountain views and fossilized coral. As the Delta 8 THC starts to take effect, you’ll find yourself becoming free from any inhibitions. As the water gently cradles you, you will be immersed into nature in free form; unclothed and unbothered from the restraints of society. 


For a romantic date night, share a Hybrid joint from New Amsterdam Cafe’s collection of cannabis flowers as you walk down a trail from Travertine Hot Spring to an uninhabited hill. Cuddle under a blanket as you star gaze into the infinite sky. As the Delta 8 THC begins to take effect, the wind will feel like a comforting embrace as you watch the stars burning with the brilliant sapphire pallor of electric light. 


Whether you’re seeking a romantic night nestled by a fire as you watch the sunset, or an adrenaline filled hiking adventure, New Amsterdam Cafe’s online weed store has high-quality products to utilize while exploring the majestic beauty of Alpine County. New Amsterdam Cafe carries a wide array of weed products that include vapes, extracts, CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures and capsules, ointments, cannabis flowers, pre-rolled joints and more!