If you’ve been paying attention to the Medical Marijuana Industry lately, you’ve probably become somewhat familiar with the uprising of concentrated Marijuana Products. Things like hash oil and edibles have been around for years, but with recent legalizations and regulations in States like Colorado and Washington, modern Concentrates are better, stronger, and more widely available than ever before.

Dabbing has quickly become one of the most popular ways to smoke Marijuana. The term “Dab” refers to a variety of Marijuana concentrate products on the market today such as Shatter, Budder, Wax, and honey oil. Concentrates are made through an assortment of processes that extract Cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD), Terpenes and Terpenoids, from the cannabis plant.

Some of these processes involve using Butane Gas as the solvent, while others use CO2. There’s a lot of information and misinformation circulating the web in regards to the safety of the extraction processes, as well as the consumption of Dabs due to the danger of inhaling pesticides or other
chemicals used in the growing stages of the cannabis plant. It’s important to know where your products are coming from, and how they are made. That being said, we’re going to focus this blog on the most popular kinds of Glass and Vaporizer Products that are available for Concentrates for sale in today’s Marijuana Marketplace.

Concentrate Pens and Vaporizers:

Vaporizers work by heating the flower or concentrate without burning it, allowing for a healthier and cleaner alternative to smoking. There are a number of Table Top and Portable Vaporizers, as well as Vaporizer pens advertised today. The two most notorious and reliable Table Top Vaporizers are the Volcano Vaporizer and Da Buddha Vaporizer, while the DaVinci Ascent
and Cloud pen are preferred portable options.

The Volcano Vaporizer is a classic and worthwhile choice for any heavy user. With a bright LED display that shows the current and desired temperatures, long lasting and durable design, and a one­ of ­a ­kind Vent Balloon delivery system, the Volcano has continually been one of the best
selling and top quality Vaporizers available. The Volcano takes dried botanicals, oil, and wax.

Da Buddha Vaporizer is a sophisticated Vaporizer that doubles as an oil diffuser. It has a sleek design with a tough anodized aluminum shell, and a tube attachment making it an attractive and easy to use choice for even the casual user.

The DaVinci Ascent Potable Vaporizer is one of our personal favourites. Its small, sophisticated design make it incredibly easy to take with you wherever you need it to go. The DaVinci is a glass on glass Vape, features a functional OLED screen, and Vaporizes both concentrates and flower,
which makes it one of the best products for the price point.

The Cloud Pen is a very small Vaporizer that is similar in appearance to a pen. It is one of the most discreet vaporizers on the market, making it a perfect purchase for the circumspect dabber. The Cloud Pen takes most concentrates including shatter, wax, and budder, and won the High Times
“Best Vaporizer” award at the 2014 Cannabis Cup. It is easy to load, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive for a Vaporizer.

The other main alternative to Vaporizing Concentrates involves heating up a glass, Quarts Glass, or titanium nail with a blowtorch that is placed inside a glass water pipe called a “Rig”, putting the concentrate on a tool called a “Dabber”, and then using the Dabber to spread the concentrate on the heated surface. The Vapor travels through the glass and water, cooling it down while it enters your lungs, allowing for a smooth and flavorful toke.

Glass Rigs come in all shapes and sizes, and have popped up in every headshop across the Country. Some of the more experienced glass blowers are able to create speciality pieces for a whole new kind of customer, while others stick to more simplistic rig designs.