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Curious about our Coffee?


At the New Amsterdam Cafe, coffee is our passion. We pride ourselves in brewing some of the best coffee that Vancouver has to offer. From our drip coffee to our espresso blends- we only buy from top quality…

Baked Goods at the New Amsterdam Cafe


At the New Amsterdam Cafe, baked goods are always on the Menu! We carry an assortment of delicious sweet bakery items like pies, cookies, cookie sandwiches, bars, muffins, and savoury Menu snacks such as samosas, pizza rolls, and…

SOAK Art in the Amsterdam


Vancouver is known for it’s booming hipster art scene. With over 10 art galleries in the Downtown core and West End alone, and a 7-storey art mural on Granville Island, it’s nearly impossible not to become immersed in…

The NAC Experience


The New Amsterdam Cafe was established in 2000 in the heart of Vancouver’s “Pot Block”. We never could have imagined the Cafe growing into what it is today, and are proud of every step we’ve come. We have…



If you’ve been paying attention to the Medical Marijuana Industry lately, you’ve probably become somewhat familiar with the uprising of concentrated Marijuana Products. Things like hash oil and edibles have been around for years, but with recent legalizations…

New Site. New Look. New Amsterdam.


Welcome to the newly designed New Amsterdam Cafe website! Our updated site has been designed to showcase each of our specialties, and allow our clients to explore New Amsterdam Cafe in as much detail as they wish. From…

Why vaporizers are the better alternative


Here’s a sweet little vaporizer edit from some of our talented staff… Hope you dig it too! (UPDATED) The debate between those who prefer smoking old school joints and those who marvel at the latest vaporizer technology is…

Are Space Case grinders really the best in the world?

Product Reviews

Many of you have heard Space Case® grinders are the best grinders in the world, but is it true? Space Case®grinders are CNC machined using the latest technology and created from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. The…

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