At the New Amsterdam Cafe, baked goods are always on the Menu! We carry an assortment of delicious sweet bakery items like pies, cookies, cookie sandwiches, bars, muffins, and savoury Menu snacks such as samosas, pizza rolls, and flatbreads. We’re always circulating through different treats in our display case, and there’s Gluten-free and vegan options every day for those with dietary restrictions.
We get our bakery items from three different Local locations in Vancouver.

Many of our items come from the well known and well loved Last Crumb Cafe. The Last Crumb is run by two sisters who are passionate about food, quality ingredients, and quality baking! They bake in small batches, and use all preservative free and artificial flavouring free ingredients in all of their recipes. Located in the Mount Pleasant area, we’re proud to bring the Last Crumb Cafe baked goods to Downtown Vancouver.

The second location we get our baked goods from is The Black Rook Bakehouse. The Black Rook Bakehouse sources all their ingredients locally and uses a baking from scratch method- just like Mom used to make! According to Co-Owner Mark Blundell, the recipes at the Bakehouse are inspired by pre-World-War-II- to late 1950s-style baking from the UK. Their items are not only delicious, but unique as well!

The other amazing bakery we purchase from happens to be dedicated entirely to Gluten-Free baking. The Gluten Free Epicurean is a delightful bakeshop located on Kingsway that is 100% gluten free. Everything is hand made with high quality local ingredients, using a special organic flour mix. Their baked goods are also Soy-Free (except the chocolate chips). Although gluten-free is usually associated with tasting like cardboard and being less than pleasant, we (and our customers!) find that these treats are just as moist, sweet, and fluffy as their gluten-y counterparts.

We love taking pride in the food we serve, and we know that everything on our Menu comes from people who care about our customers as much as we do. Come down to the New Amsterdam Cafe any time and find something new!